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5K Championship Race – 31st May

Last night saw the second of the club championship race – the first being the spring coast 5k organised by New Marske Harriers. A fantastic 40 turned up at the club to run from Tunedin to the top of the Pink path and back to the large sculpture known as “Lifelines” near the lifeboat stations. Judging by the effort put in by the members a few life lines might have come in handy! The first 3k were run into a headwind which meant fast times were going to be at a premium. Fortunately, at the turn, the wind was able to push people to a fast finish. First man home was Chris Dale in a time of 19:31 with Paul McDermott second in 20:30 and third was John Walpole in 22:03. First lady was Pam Costello in 25:22 with Sarah Louise Bibby second in 25:39 and Clare Wills was third in 25:49.

Points are awarding on most improved run with 10 points going to top runner. In this case it was Vanessa Williams who improved on her previous time by 27 secs. 9 Points went to Gordon Sanderson who improved his previous time by 6 seconds. No one else ran a faster time then their previous effort so Chapeau to both. Third place with 8 points was Paul Munster with a +35 seconds run. Remaining points were awarded to Paul McDermott (7), Chris Dale (6), Clare Wills (5), Craig Anderson & Kerry Graydon (4), Chris Watson & Paul Noble (3), Russ Kelly (2) and John Walpole (1).

Finally I’d like to thank Phil Noble for organising the run and Eric Smith, Taraha Johnson, Adam Mead and Helen Pierson for acting as timekeepers and John Walshaw, Tony Palmer, Andy Petford, Jim Warren, Ray Wheatley and Andy Whiles for helping out.

The next championship race will be the Boro 5k on June 2nd. With further races on :

July 19th (NMH Summer coast road 5k), August 23rd, September 6th (NMH Autumn 5k), October 1st (Redcar Beacon 5k) and November 1st.

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