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Scorcher Run Festival Salwick #151 By Terry Hindson

Well it wasn’t Finland, far from it in more ways than one and it was based in that place to the west of our great Yorkshire, a place I can’t make myself write. For a few days prior to this marathon the jutting out bone of my left heel had suddenly been playing up big time, sore and painful to the touch, this on top of my partner plantar fasciitis. Anyway a smooth journey across the border and eventually into the countryside of Fylde. After a very quick registration it was time to return to the car to get dressed, I thought I’d do it in the car for a change rather than at home. A nice chat with a fellow runner from Bristol, John Kew who kindly thought I was in my mid-40s, he was running all SEVEN of the marathons!!

An 800 metre walk to the start with an overcast sky and a light wind. Nice to chat with Sharon Gayter from the North Yorkshire Moors club and who is a legend for her endurance runs. We were together when we witnessed the death of Ian Casey running a marathon at Gloucester many moons ago, so sad, very sad. The final countdown and we were off, six laps of country lanes, nice. I had decided this was a plod run as I just wanted to get inside four hours. My ankle hurt as I hobbled to the start and so it continued for a couple of miles, then it just had a warm burning sensation. The laps ticked off comfortably until the fifth lap. By this time the ankle pain was becoming acute and my plantar friend was raising its head slightly. I knew at this point sub four was not possible and so it turned out. The last lap in particular was one of limping and plodding but no walking, not even with these pains. I was even experiencing slight nipple soreness as well as rashes to each side of my crotch those this latter wasn’t a massive issue until I had a hot bath later!!  I finished in 4.07.35, very disappointed but the silver lining was I had beaten everyone in my age group and above. It was a case of job done, move on. A customary medal was handed out and a mug, I chose the one from Time2Run Events which said ‘I Run Better than the Government’, yes even today I could still say this.

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