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Now you see me…

Ah, autumn – Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, falling leaves and fluorescent yellow. Yep, it’s time to pack away the short shorts and dig out the high-vis!

We encourage all our members to start wearing reflective/high-vis running clothing at this time of year – we want all our members to be safe and be seen. There’s a wide range of options available for all budgets and tastes, so whether you have a discreetly reflective jacket or are lit up like a Christmas tree (and are quite possibly visible from space), we don’t mind. Just make sure that you are visible to cars, cyclists, and other footpath users.

You might also like to invest in a head-torch for night running for added visibility. It can be quite tricky when you first start running with a head-torch, so come along to one of our training sessions in the woods and try it out in a group. Once you’ve got used to it, running with a head-torch will allow you to continue to run anywhere you please* and there are several organised night-races you can take part in.

*We highly recommend running in pairs or more, and please avoid areas with possible hidden mine entrances, bears, abandoned shacks with tales of mysterious hauntings etc. etc…

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