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Brass Monkey Predicted Times

Below are the predicted times for Sunday’s race. Thanks to Barry and Ness for compiling them and good luck to everyone taking part including new member Sarah Vickers who will be setting a qualifying time for her next race.

Kerry Graydon 01h:54m:04s
Paul McDermott 01h:27m:57s
Shaun Flewker-Barker 01h:38m:07s
Sara Porley 01h:59m:14s
Kerry Young  01h:56m:19s
Kevin Wilkinson  01h:35m:00s
Christopher Watson 01h:42m:39s
Jean Wilde  01h:53m:41s
Russ Kelly 02h:03m:49s
Craig Greenfield  01h:58m:06s
Ian Spellman  01h:49m:44s
Graham Smith  02h:22m:33s
Andrew Petford  01h:41m:42s
Martin Thomas 02h:07m:18s


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Club chairman and ultra-running beard-wearer.
  1. Robert Sanderson Reply

    Hello, I am Gordon Sanderson’s brother. I had the pleasure of running with you guys last summer. Today, I completed the Boston Marathon in 3:45. I was wearing my Redcar Rinning Club shirt. I have to say that of the 30 marathons I have finished, this was the worst conditions. Snow at the start, hail and rain the whole route, 30 mph headwind the whole way, with a wind chill of 20 and temps of 29. The shirt was a great motivator and I can assure you that I did you guys proud. Thank you
    Robert Sanderson

    • SarahB Reply

      Thanks, Robert! Well done on completing Boston in some terrible conditions and we’re glad to hear the club vest helped keep you motivated. Though I hope you wore something warmer underneath it. Brrr! I ran a marathon in driving sleet – if I’d worn just the club vest, I think I’d have developed hypothermia 🙂
      Happy (marathon) running!

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