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New club website

Here it is! Our shiny new site…  at last. (I can hear the “It took long enough!” muttering you know.) Apologies for the delay but you can now blame, not just me, but also Paul and Phil for the inane drivel that appears on here.

If anyone else would like to write up race reviews or wax lyrical about their bunions and black toenails, then you can either email us the occasional masterpiece or, if you start to spam us repeatedly, we’ll add you as a contributor to the site and let you post directly (though I maintain the right to edit your grammar or delete offensive material. We have to have some standards and you’re stuck with mine. Mwah ha ha!)

About the Author
Mummy, runner, red wine lover. Prone to blisters and sarcasm. Take all my posts and witterings with a pinch of salt.