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  • Run to the hills, run for your life!
  • We're running up that road – with no problems
  • Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts!
  • Run fast for your mother, fast for your father…

How to join

Joining Redcar Running Club costs £23 per year and includes affiliation to the England Athletics Association and inclusion in the club championship. There is no weekly fee for running with the club, though track sessions (either at Lawrence Jackson School, Guisborough or Middlesbrough Sports Village) do incur a charge for use of the track. Club members pay less for races and may also receive discounts at local running stores. A race vest in the club colours is available for members to purchase and we also offer a club hoodie – these come in very useful at races as you can spot us a mile away!

If you’re interested in joining us, why not come down on a Wednesday and try us out? We’ll be hanging around the Cricket Club on Kirkleatham Street from about 6.15pm in order to set off running at 6.30pm so pop along and join us.

All new members go through a month’s probationary period – this allows us to make sure we’re not letting in any axe-murdering psychopaths (we already have enough!) and means that potential new members get a free trial period in which they can check us out and see if we’re the right club for them. Happily, we’re a pretty friendly bunch so, as long as you leave the axe at home, we’ll be sure to make you welcome.

Why start running?

Here are just a few reasons why you should pull on a pair of trainers and head for the door…

Running is a great way to get (and stay) fit and healthy:
It burns loads of calories, it’s cheaper than the gym, and you can do it anywhere. Plus regular exercise helps you to avoid osteoporosis and slow down the loss of muscle that naturally occurs as you age.

It’s good for your mood as well as your body:
The endorphins released can improve your mood and help relieve stress and tension.

Increased cardiovascular strength:
Your heart and lungs get stronger and more efficient and, if you’re an ex-smoker, it can help your lungs to recover.

Why start running with Redcar Running Club?

We’re a friendly bunch who share the same obsession – cake! And running. But mostly cake. Which means we all run and talk about food. Sometimes we run intervals or lactic threshold sessions or hill repeats, but we still talk. Or gasp. About food mainly, or how Phil and Adam are ruthless sadists… But it helps burn off the cake!

Do I have to be a runner?

We welcome anyone with an interest in running but, while we will happily accept members who cannot run very far or fast, it is more beneficial to everyone if you can run a little before joining us. You don’t need to be able to run a marathon or beat Usain Bolt over 100 metres but if you can jog a couple of miles at a nice, steady pace, you’ll find that you have more people to run with. If you’re a complete beginner, you’re still welcome to come along but there will be a more limited pool of runners to keep you company. If you want to take up running, but would like a little more advice on how to start, check out our train section for advice.