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Club competitions

The club runs four competitions throughout the year for its members – the Jim Reilly Trophy, the Dave Bell Trophy, a club handicap around the end of the year and the new 5km Championship. The first two take runners’ times for competing in a range of local races, while the Championship is based solely on times from races on a club measured 5km course. The club handicap is exactly that – a race of 5 miles with runners estimated finishing times based on a handicap system. In the case of the trophies and championship races, points are awarded based on beating a target time calculated from each runner’s previous performance (so you are competing against your own past race times, not other people) and, as you know, “points mean prizes.” So the runner with the most points takes the prize. The handicap race is the fastest time based on your handicap with trophies for male and female runners.


Upcoming races

Road races vary from short, sharp 5kms to the long slog of the marathon and are a great way to push yourself, measure your progress and blag some bling (or a nice race tee at least). There are far too many road races for us to list here (so check out instead), but the main local races are the New Marske Harriers series and the Redcar Half Marathon. Races are increasingly filling up quickly so we advise all members to apply well in advance to avoid disappointment.

There are also a wealth of off-road races available, including the local Muddy Roads trail runs, the Hardmoors series, local fell races and the regional cross-country championships. Further trail and fell race fixtures and results are available on



Race results and news

Evensplits York 5k

Bit of a long way to go for a 5k, I hear you say. Trust me I was thinking the exact same thing at 5pm on a Friday after a long week at work, especially after opening the fridge and seeing the beer. However one of my targets for 2021 was to try and run a sub 20 minute 5k,...

My London Marathon 2018 by Andy Petford

Typical! After getting picked for the 2018 London Marathon ballot slot for our fabulous club I set out to train for a new PB with just over 4 months to go till race day.  I set a target of 3:30 and added specific training sessions to my already full diary to develop stamina and...

Mermaid 10k Results 30 March 2018

Mermaid 10k Results, 30 March 2018: Name Chip Time Place Div. Place JamesNewton 38:57 40 16 PaulMcDermott 39:46 50 3 ShaunFlewker-Barker 43:24 77 23 IanSpellman 46:51 112 21 PhilBallard 48:25 130 12 AndyPetford 49:00 134 15 DebbieWarren 49:15 135 2 LouiseEllison 49:38 138 4...

Snake Lane 2018 Predicted Times

Please make a request for a predicted time for Snake Lane 2018.  Reply to the club post on Facebook. If this is your first race for the club you will not have a predicted time but your race result will enable you to request one for future trophy races. Have a great race.

Captain cook fell race

This traditional new years day race saw 7 members enjoy a sunny but chilly morning running to Captain Cooks Monument and back to Great Ayrton. Ray Oliver and Andrew Whiles led the initial dash (for the club) from the village centre to the steep climb up to the monument....

Loftus Poultry Run 17 December 2017

Well done to the 13 runners from the club today who braved the wet, wild and windy conditions today at the 34th Poultry Run. Click the link below for the provisional results (you have to open the post first):   Loftus__Whitby_Poultry_Run_Results_2017 Prov

Hardmoors Roseberry Topping 10th Dec 2017

The latest races in the Hardmoors series saw six intrepid souls venture out into a cold and frosty Winters morning. Myself and Pam were tackling the longest route (around 30 miles) which meant an early start so that everyone had the chance to finish before it got too dark despite...

Itsenäisyysmaraton December 6th 2017 (Finnish Independence Day Marathon 2017) by Terry Hindson

If any of you can recollect, No. 150 was in Finland and this time the warm summer evening was replaced with snow and ice. This marathon, an annual event was rather significant this year, as the country was observing a low key, sombre? remembrance of gaining independence from...

Club Handicap times 19th Nov 2017

  Actual Predicted Points Time difference JAMES NEWTON 30.45 32.27 10 -1.42 CHRISTOPHER DALE 30.47 30.42 6 0.05 PHILLIP NOBLE36.27 36.27 33.35 6 2.52 ANDY PETFORD 36.40 35.54 6 0.46 PHIL BALLARD 36.41 37.41 10 -1.00 PAUL NOBLE 37.26 36.27 6 0.59 IAN SPELLMAN 39.34 38.32 6...